John Oless - Born, raised, educated and living in Erie, PA, John has been a professional artist for over twenty years. He has done work locally for many organizations and private citizens, among them the late Mayor Louis J. Tullio and the Guisseppe Mazini Association. For over twelve years he was a contributing illustrator for Erie's newspaper-The Erie Daily Times illustrating many covers and pieces for SHOWCASE and Sportsweek weekly magazines. In 1985 the drawing "Dracula and Frankenstein" was accepted in the Erie Art Museums annual juried Spring Show.

Professional entertainer Harry Connick Jr. and pro golfer Ben Crenshaw among other notables own Oless originals.

For the past sixteen years, John has worked as an award winning designer for The Mays Marketing Group, proudly doing work for many local and national clients.

When free time permits he enjoys reading, hiking, listening to early music and following the ups and downs of the Oakland Raiders.

Robert Oless - Robert, father of John, also lives and works in Erie, PA. This hardworking and creative artist has settled on Stained Glass as his favorite medium.

For over ten years he has created a wide variety of Stained Glass pieces ranging from lampshades, miniature houses and animals all the way to an Egyptian pyramid and death mask. Robert usually eschews research and relies on his own imagination when creating his pieces which can be found in our Stained Glass Section.

Some of Roberts' favorite things are cooking, tending his garden, working outdoors and spending time with his wife Marjorie.

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